Residential Recycling

At Eco-Management we have made it our business to make your recycling as easy as possible. That is why WE SORT your recycling for you. Once you have signed up, just leave two bags of unsorted recycling on your curb on your designated day and we will pick it up, sort it, and take it to the recycling depot for you.


$21.00 PER MONTH plus 5% GST

3 months: $66.15

6 months: $132.30

12 months: $264.60

  • Bi-weekly Pickups
  • Two clear blue bags unsorted
  • Sorted recycling one bag per item type (ie. plastic, carboard, paper etc.)
  • Additional bags $4.50 each plus taxes

Pickups are scheduled for Saturday mornings. Recycling must be placed on the curb no later than 8:30am. Pickups will be completed by 2:00pm. Please only use blue or clear recycling bags.


We strive to keep every possible item from piling up in our landfills.  There for all materials that are accepted at the recycling depot are able to be recycled with us.  Along with other items like small electronics, batteries, books and even empty paint cans.  Find your all items that can be recycled or reused on this acceptable materials list.  Large appliance pick ups are available, please call for a quote.



Want to know when your pickup day is?  CLICK HERE!