is a private curbside recycling pickup service that provides convenient, cost effective recycling pickup for your home. Our goal is to decrease the amount of recyclable items that make it to our landfill by making it an easy task to recycle. We take care of the sorting and we transport the materials to the depot. It really doesn’t get any easier than this!

Eco-Management Recycling services Prince Rupert and Port Edward, BC.

ECO-MANAGEMENT also has recycling solutions for your place of business. We can pick up any material that is recyclable, so doing your part at the work place is not limited to only paper and cardboard. Set up a bin in your lunch room, recycle those pesky plastics such as plastic film and chemical containers, and have it all picked up by ONE company!

Feel good about the steps that you can easily take to help the environment and maintain it as a healthy place for our future generations.